3 Strategies for Building an Effective Hybrid Workplace

Written by Orin Horowitz

August 13, 2021

Initially the pandemic proved to be a huge threat to the workplace. However, now that our world and its’ industries are slowly beginning to recover thanks to the vaccine there are unforeseen benefits beginning to arise from the struggles of the pandemic. One of the major benefits seen in several industries was the transition from working in the office to home. Many people who commuted a large distance for work or have young ones preferred the option to stay home and work remotely. In fact, it even saved them more time to spend on their work thus increasing the company’s daily productivity.

Furthermore, all indications are pointing towards a “hybrid” work model for the foreseeable future. According to a work force study conducted by PwC on December of 2020, “83% of employers now say the shift to remote work has been successful for their company” (PwC 2020). Of the 133 executives surveyed by PwC 31% were from the technology, media, and telecommunications sector. If you haven’t thought about your plan for the future, now is the time.

At Liberty Communications we know firsthand how frustrating and time-consuming finding the right solutions for your network and phone systems can be. From our ownership to our dedicated team of experts, decades of experience in the telecommunications industry are what makes us unique. By integrating the right solutions for each of our customers they can spend more time on their business and less time on the phone with their phone provider. From VoIP systems to full cloud integration and cable installation, the options are numerous, but our team is here every step of the way. That is just one aspect of our business that we take pride in at Liberty. We make that seemingly pain staking transition to hybrid work as simple as a phone call: 720-399-0233.

Below I have formulated 3 strategies to assist you in the process of implementing a hybrid work model:

  1. Transparency Is Key. For the productivity levels to stay consistent in a business a plan for the transition into a hybrid work model must be as clear and optimized as possible. From the rules to the schedule, every employee must have a clear understanding of the expectations set upon them from home to the workplace and anywhere in between. For any hybrid work model to succeed employees and executives must treat remote work as an integral part of your company’s hybrid work culture not as a privilege. Therefore, transparency is key in avoiding confusion and lack of productivity.
  2. Balance Independent AND Group Work. Once each business has created a schedule and gathered a basic understanding of how their new hybrid model will work it is imperative to sustain collaboration amongst employees. For collaboration to occur, however, both independent and group work is necessary. A challenge that may arise from remote work is the inability to maintain group work due to the nature of working separately. That is why mandatory weekly team meetings (where both remote and in-person employees are present) or a maximum of two remote workdays per employee are just a couple of the potential guidelines necessary to maintaining work balance during this transition.
  3. Find the Support Necessary to Succeed. Just like the adage goes, “change is good but not always easy”, remember that this transition to a “hybrid” system may be difficult for some more than others. It is important to anticipate challenges which may arise that is why a collaboration tool is just part of the fix. Let’s face it, finding the right solution can be a challenge in and of itself and knowing where to start is often a blur. At Liberty we like to ensure this process is as seamless as possible for our clients through our wide variety of communication tools and expertise working with many different industries. Each of these solutions offered by us cater to a specific sector and range from hard phone systems to cloud VoIP software. It all depends on what the customer needs and wants in a solution. Whatever the case may be our team likes to work with each of our clients to fine tune their communication systems. We are committed to our service and will go above and beyond to ensure satisfaction.

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