Business Phone Solutions: Most Impactful Features to Look for In Your Business Phone

Written by Orin Horowitz

September 29, 2021

Communication makes the world go round and is the lifeblood of most businesses. More importantly, now that the option of work from home (WFH) is prevalent the need for robust communication cannot be stressed enough. Customers need access to companies to perform support and troubleshooting. Sales and business development require the ability to contact prospects to close deals. Managers must stay in contact consistently with fellow team members to ensure business operations are running accordingly. The list of communication operations is extensive, and every business needs a phone system that will keep up with their demands. The following necessary features to look for in a business phone system will make your communications, both internal and external, run seamlessly allowing your enterprise to work proactively not reactively.

The Key Features

      1. Softphone Capabilities In a softphone (or software phone) exists a program that allows the user to access full phone functionality (and then some) over the Internet via a computer. This operation is similar to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems and may actually be included in your existing VoIP system. This added feature allows each user an alternative when deciding to place a call to a landline or other non-virtual phone with a VoIP phone system:
        1. Call with a “hard” SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) phone. This is the tangible device that sits on your desk connected to your company’s IP network.
        2. Call with a softphone on your computer or device.
    Having more flexibility provided by the softphone may prove invaluable to your business upon installation due to its ability to bypass communications over the “legacy” or “traditional” network. Furthermore, investing in a softphone proves to be more cost effective than investing in a “hard” SIP phone. If that’s still not enough convincing for you, softphones are typically much easier to install and train on than VoIP hardware. Perhaps the most sung feature of a softphone is its ability to be accessible in the from of an app on your PC, desktop, mobile device/smartphone, tablet, and any other smart device. As long as there is Internet, you’re good to go!
  1. Auto-Attendant Your auto-attendant acts as a “virtual receptionist” in that it fields incoming calls, screens, and redirects inquiries to their corresponding departments. Thus, it makes call handling seamless while also saving your employee’s precious time. How your auto-attendant operates is largely customizable though typically they provide each customer with a menu of choices, such as “Sales” or “Tech Support” etc. Each option corresponds to a number on the dial pad. Auto-attendants can even list extensions to specific people within your organization.
  2. Call Traffic Analysis Strategy is key in building the right processes within your organizations. Without control and analysis of calls there is no strategy. UCC solution companies like, Wildix, implement reporting tools that are integrated into the business VoIP phone system each of your employees uses. The software pools together live information such as number, duration, type and costs of all calls both received and made by your team. Furthermore, business phone systems from Wildix are backed by Liberty Communications. This means our team provides active business phone solutions whenever issues may arise as well as support for any organization’s telecommunication needs.
  3. Telemarketer Blocking No one hates telemarketing more than our team at Liberty Communications. We understand how aggravating it can be trying to evade robocalls. In fact, sometimes it seems impossible to completely stop the influx.Spam calls are annoying to our personal lives as is but when they start to impede on your work they can quickly evolve into time-stealing, energy-draining and frustrating distractions that require attention that could be spent on your craft. So, what can be done? A telemarketer block feature on your business phone scans incoming calls instantly on the first ring. If it senses robocalls it hangs up and blocks the number so that your system does not have to deal with that same number again. Your desktop or mobile phone might have an app or program that blocks spam calls but when the feature is incorporated into your phone system, a whole new level of peace of mind is attainable.

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