Liberty Communications Ransomware Campaign

Written by Orin Horowitz

September 2, 2021

Ransomware is a form of malware that has been looming in the news for most of 2021. From cybercriminals disabling major gas pipelines on the East coast to cyberattacks permanently shutting down one the world’s largest meat-processing companies. The threat if ransomware is very real and widespread, so chances are your company has or is currently dealing with cyberattacks. Although there have been efforts made by the current administration against these attacks against private data these solutions do not effectively attack ransomware at its root: the money. Ransomware attacks serve as opportunities for criminals to make money, so if we make them less profitable then we should see an immediate impact.

What can you do to protect yourself in the meantime? Work proactively. There are several actions you can towards providing protection to your company, but it is important to first understand that cyberattacks are much more difficult to prevent or pinpoint due to the elusiveness of the Internet. If you feel as though at any point in this process you are lost and do not know who to turn to, look no farther than our team of experts at Liberty Communications. We will evaluate your entire system for free to find the right proactive solution to protect your business and keep it up and running for years to come.

Here is a quick gloss on how to protect your business from malware like ransomware:

  • Backup your data. If you have backups available this is the first step in remediating a ransomware attack. If you are unable to perform backups, then you likely need a cloud communications system upgrade; this service is offered in-house to you by our expert technicians and the rest of our dedicated team.
  • Patch and update all software. Ransomware relies on exploits in your system allowing cybercriminals to access your data. If your software and data network are up-to-date, exploit-based ransomware attacks will not affect you. If your business is running on outdated or obsolete software, then you are at an immediate risk of ransomware and should pick up the phone and call our team today!
  • Educate users on “malspam” and secure password chains.“Malspam” is what often occurs when a user clicks on a link or email. It is best to inform them of what “malspam” often appears as well as installing a system which will assist in this protection. Furthermore, passwords should be unique across all accounts. Using the same credentials for multiple accounts can lead to greater risk of ransomware attacks. Educating a business allows for a stress free environment for everyone thus increasing overall productivity.

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