Summer Essential: Surge Protectors and Battery BU’s

Written by Orin Horowitz

June 28, 2021


Take a second to look around the room you are in right now. How many devices rely on an outlet or the energy flowing throughout the room for operation? Just imagine if your devices cease to work one day. I am not talking about because of any farfetched conspiracy, but rather the very real possibility that your entire luxury home or corporation’s electrical grid could be at risk of a power surge. This is a threat to millions of Americans every year and especially in the summer months from June through August. Colorado alone is struck by lightning on average approximately a half million times each year. In fact, lightning is such a commonality during Colorado’s summer storms that there is a whole week dedicated to spread awareness of the danger: Colorado Lightning Awareness Week (June 20-26, 2021). But surges can occur from within your business or luxury home every day regardless of lightning. Ever hear the A/C turn on and notice the lights in your room dim simultaneously? That is a textbook example of a power surge.


The potential cost to replace or repair appliances and sensitive electronics in your luxury home or business is a larger and more immediate threat than you may think. Even if your electronics are plugged into a power strip with surge protection you might night have the necessary protection depending on the demands of your system. While power strips with surge protection are better alternatives to no surge protection at all, they are not as efficient or built to last. So, what are your options? Unfortunately, when it comes to issues with your electrical system it is most certainly not a one size fits all solution. Without the right experience or knowledge trying to figure out what is the best fix for you can become tedious. Fear no longer and start by choosing Liberty Communications for all your communications and network technology needs, including power solutions! Every Liberty client is treated to a complimentary site evaluation. From there, all solutions are optimized to best suit their client’s needs: surge protection, battery backup, structured cabling etc. This thorough process ensures a stress-free experience for each of Liberty’s valued customers; by allowing for more time to spend on what matters most to you and less time stressing about how to keep your system up and running.

The DIY option to go to the store, purchase a surge protector battery backup system, and install it yourself, may seem least expensive and quite simple but this is not the case in the long run. When the wrong equipment is purchased or installed incorrectly, your business and its’ livelihood are at imminent risk of failure. That is where a corporation such as Liberty Communications can help tremendously. From an exceptional management team to a master electrician, quality of service and decades of experience is what separates Liberty Communications from other telecommunications companies. They provide services such as professional installation of UPS Battery Backup Surge Protector (pictured below) as a part of their complete communications solution services package. This ensures that the next time lightning strikes or a surge occurs in your establishment that your valuable electronics will be safe from damage or worse, complete system failure. If you feel like your network or communications are affecting the way you operate or you may be at risk of surge damage fill out a FREE site evaluation here or give the network experts at Liberty Communications a call at tel:+17203990233.

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