FlexFone Phone Solution

The Essentials You Need In a Phone System

Need a phone system for your business without all the bells and whistles? Flex Fone is a robust communication technology solution for small businesses. Offering all your communication needs, with a dedicated live support team, at a price that works within your budget.


Flexible Solutions to Help Your Business Thrive

Break Free from Cookie-Cutter Phone Agreements

Flex Fone is an affordable VoIP phone system that can be customized to your needs to help your business thrive.  Don’t worry about paying for services and features you don’t need.  Choose only the hosted services and features that will serve your business, employees, and customers.  Flex Fone gives you the ability to scale up or down based on the services your business needs.  Have peace of mind knowing that you can automate the upgrade process amidst all the other decisions you need to make for your business to be successful.  If your employees work remotely, the can leverage VoIP capabilities at home to reroute calls and manage phone traffic. Flex Fone gives you the flexibility to find the communication solutions that work for you and your employees. 

Scalable Solutions to Grow Your Business

VoIP phone systems remove the need to foresee the future and pay for services your business doesn’t currently need. Choose only the hosted services and features your business needs right now.

The ability to immediately scale up or down at the drop of a time provides added cost-efficiency and improves your business’ bottom line.

Take the stress out of keeping up with the latest technology. Automate the upgrade process with contracted services. Your business will benefit from using the latest technology at all times.

A Phone System That Grows With Your Business

A VoIP Phone System Is Highly Scaleable and Saves You Money

Small businesses often over-invest in traditional phone systems to “prepare” for long-term needs or “save” on impending increased costs. These investments sometimes don’t pay out and turn into regrettable losses.  Other times you simply don’t use the connected services.  Dropping unused services can require an expensive hardware removal or payment through the next billing cycle.  Eliminate the need for onsite technicians, phone lines, maintenance fees, and surcharges with Flex Fone.  With a business class VoIP in place, you’re empowered to scale service appropriately at your pace and budget.

Not sure Flex Phone is right for your business?

Liberty Communications Will Be Your Guide

Headquartered in Colorado, Liberty Communications is a VoIP specialist with the experience to integrate your VoIP systems, IT, videoconferencing, and high-speed internet service for your business into one manageable solution. Utilize our VoIP expertise and let us show you how Flex Fone can help your business grow. Call or email us today for a free business evaluation to see what VoIP systems best fit your business!

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