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What is a “hosted” telephone system?

A hosted telephone system is a system built and maintained off-site and offers your company the ability to scale up and down during peak and off peak seasons. When at all possible moving your system to the cloud is the preferred solution. In effect, you’re tapping into a giant phone system that you never have to purchase, maintain, fix, and then replace every 8-10 years. The responsibility of building and maintaining the hosted system lies with the company offering the hosted solution, not you. Clients using the service pay a monthly fee towards dial tone.

What can a Liberty Communications VoIP phone system do for your bottom line?

Reduce Long Distance and Operational Costs

Cutting your long distance costs, both voice and fax, may be reason enough to implement a VoIP phone system. VoIP has the ability to create economies of scale for voice because excess bandwidth will be shareable, and can then be allocated wherever needed. The differences in traffic patterns between voice and data make VoIP significantly more efficient than traditional telephony. Moving your voice communications as data traffic also means it will benefit from network optimization just as your other networked applications do. All this improved efficiency ends up helping your bottom line.

Consolidate Business Processes

IP telephony makes it possible to integrate your VoIP phone system into your business applications. Imagine a world where your customer service team has immediate access to a customer record as the phone call comes in. The PC to Telephone Interfaces available with VoIP solutions often provide a QuickDialer and support Drag-and-Drop calling, making organizations more efficient. Employees can see each other’s real-time status and availability, and immediately make the most appropriate choice on how to communicate.

Consolidate Employee Resources

Imagine the significant convenience and cost savings with a VoIP system with the following scenarios:

  • A single receptionist can field calls for your entire business organization no matter where they sit, whether your company has single, or multiple sites.
  • Clients can keep local phone numbers and process customer calls in a centralized call center, serving the needs of the entire organization while allowing specialists to remain located in geographically dispersed offices.
  • Depending on call traffic you can add or subtract agents from other departments, or locations, to call centers. This allows for employee time to be utilized for outbound call activities (e.g., telemarketing) during periods of light inbound calls.

Liberty Communications Can Build it for You

Headquartered in Colorado, Liberty Communications is a VoIP specialist with the experience to integrate your VoIP systems, video and high-speed data service for your business into one manageable solution. Utilize our VoIP expertise and let us put together the Voice over Internet Protocol service that is right for you. Call or email us today for a free business evaluation to see what VoIP systems best fit your business!

Is a hosted telephone system right for my business?

Well, the real answer is that we will provide you a no cost no obligation Technology Evaluation in order to better assist you with determining the best solution for you.

Easy set-up

In most cases setting up a hosted telephone solution is fast and surprisingly easy

Low up-front costs

Ordering and installation is typically a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system.

Emergency backup

If your office phones or internet connection fails, your business calls can be easily re-routed

Last telephone system you have to buy

Once installed, your company never has to purchase another telephone system

Don't Be Shy

Feel free to drop us a line anytime and one of our team members will be happy to help

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